Hitspoker Trail 4 Pole Standard Windbreak, 7 Ft:Hitspoker
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Trail 4 Pole Standard Windbreak, 7 Ft:Hitspoker

Trail Published in October 20, 2018, 1:38 pm
 Trail 4 Pole Standard Windbreak, 7 Ft:Hitspoker

Trail 4 Pole Standard Windbreak, 7 Ft:Hitspoker

Price:£8.39+ Free shipping

Pete Reply to on 17 June 2014
Don't be put off by negative reviews but clearly you need to have the right expectations. If you want some fancy windbreak made of designer fabric with titanium poles and will last decades, this is not it. However if you want a basic windbreak made of cheap material stitched around four wooden poles which is perfectly fine for occasional beach use and is priced at next to nothing, this is it.

Having said that my old windbreak was virtually the same and did last some years. My advice? Don't pick at the stitching and use a rubber mallet (not a hammer or a large stone) to bang the poles in. Look after these and they're fine. Put it another way, I need another and I'll be ordering another one of these.

These are fairly lightweight too.
lhw Reply to on 15 August 2014
Great windbreak. It is 4ft tall with four poles. We took the windbreak to a beach which is particularly renowned for being windy (a lot of people fly kites there) and the windbreak withstood the strong winds with no problems and provided us with perfect shelter. Time will tell how long the windbreak will last. I understand from reviews of these windbreaks that the stitching can come lose over time however for now this windbreak is withstanding british beach weather for us. You will need a mallet to hammer in the posts into the sand - we saw a few other people on the beach trying to push in the poles into the sand using their flip flops ...to little avail!
It would be great if these windbreaks came in different colours and designs because it seems everyone has the same one. The different colours and designs would help differentiate your beach spot!
Pink lady
Pink lady Reply to on 16 August 2018
As described well made used it for camping last week did the job great thanks
Christine Burgess
Christine Burgess Reply to on 21 July 2018
Was happy with my wind breaker on holiday it’s just the job
J. Hollands
J. Hollands Reply to on 2 March 2016
Okay, so this is not of the best quality but it does as it is meant to. I will be surprised if it stands the test of weather and time but I am not going to complain at £8. At worst the poles will eventually become firewood.
Ms. R. mcilhone
Ms. R. mcilhone Reply to on 17 August 2012
This is well worth the money as it will shade you from the wind fantastically as it is quite bit in size but the only trouble now is the sun has gone extinct so never had an opertunity to use it....the great british weather eh lol.....but io would recommend this to others for great shade and bargain.
PAUL Reply to on 22 July 2015
Excellent, strong,just what I wanted to use at Car shows to blank off the draft from underneath the Car while having a Picnic.
slimmer_mama Reply to on 30 June 2016
Quite low material so check the measurements but for what I needed it for was an excellent value for money piece of kit. Quite long poles so you can adjust the windbreak accordingly.
Debbie W.
Debbie W. Reply to on 17 July 2018
Cheap and nasty breaks and rips easily
Gadget Girl
Gadget Girl Reply to on 8 August 2013
The supports are strong but the material is very flimsy and I am not sure how long it will last. I guess you get what you pay for though, and this was cheap compared to many others. However, it does a good job for now and if it last longer than I anticipate, I'll let you know!
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