Hitspoker WingsLove Women's High Impact No Bounce Full Support Wirefree Workout Sports Bra (Black, 40D):Hitspoker
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WingsLove Women's High Impact No Bounce Full Support Wirefree Workout Sports Bra (Black, 40D):Hitspoker

WingsLove Published in October 20, 2018, 12:35 pm
 WingsLove Women's High Impact No Bounce Full Support Wirefree Workout Sports Bra (Black, 40D):Hitspoker

WingsLove Women's High Impact No Bounce Full Support Wirefree Workout Sports Bra (Black, 40D):Hitspoker

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kate Reply to on 29 June 2017
In a world where no bra ever fits, and bra measurements and sizes are one of the Great Mysteries of Time, this bra actually fits.
It is not completely 'no bounce'; I would describe this as medium impact. Based on other reviews that it was slightly tight across the under bust band and a better fit was one band size up, I ordered one band size up -and this was good advice (thank you reviewers!). As for cup size, the size guide instructions apply, and using them for a proper size selection gave me a true fit.

Ok, so what about the bra itself?
The stitching is rugged and well done. The straps are wide where they should be and narrow just past the shoulder crest as they should; the adjustment clasps do not slip (hurray!). 4 hooks and a wide back closure make the back band stay in place and give good back support without slippage. The under bust band is soft, wide enough to actually be useful :) and the modesty panel in the front is a big plus. This bra does not cause a mono-bust. The girls are each happy in their own space.

The overall quality of this bra is comparable to the Enell bras, the fit almost identical (not as tight and restrictive).
If anyone had said to me, 'go on, buy one, try it, it will be a relief in this world of badly fitting bras'... I would have been hopeful. After wearing one, now I'm that person.
Go on, buy one, try it, it will be a relief in this world of badly fitting bras.
Rhiannon P
Rhiannon P Reply to on 17 August 2017
This sports bra does exactly what you want it to do! It is comfortable to the point that you are not aware you are wearing it. I ordered a 34 (my normal bra size) and a 36. I sent the 36 back. My experience is that it is true to size.
I am doing the couch potato to 5K training at the moment (with my ten year old son being my personal trainer!) . This sports bra is doing a great job in keeping my mind on running rather than jiggling about!! No excuses, now, for not doing it!
Would definitely recommend. Also good value for money.
Maja R
Maja R Reply to on 19 May 2018
I'm always wary of buying a bra I can't try on first. I usually get bra's from M&S and find that these come up as just the same fit... Which is great. I can't rate these highly enough. They are immensely comfortable, there is no noticable movement you don't want. Once on I can go cycling for a few hours and I only remember I'm wearing it when I come to change aferwards! They appear well made, fit smoothly (no weird bits sticking out through your top). Don't know what more you could hope for really. Also, I think they're good value for money.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 12 July 2017
The only reason I'm not giving this 5 stars is that I needed to go up a back size in it.
I'm blessed with more than a handful and any kind of physical activity can cause quite a lot of pain (and not just from the black eyes!). This keeps the girls under control and there is barely a jiggle. Which is more than can be said for the rest of my skin when I work out!!
Am actually just about to buy another one because it's been that good.
Michelle Shepherd
Michelle Shepherd Reply to on 29 June 2017
I'm a big busted lady who likes high impact sport and jogging but can't always participate due to two large problems. Unfortunately plus size sports bras are very scarce. This product is great. Fits perfect, minimum wobble and the colour is fab.
VampireChick Reply to on 19 June 2017
The only bits moving once I've got this on are the flabby parts not encased in this structure!
There is no give in the banding so make sure you get the right size - this is a literal fit! There is no risk of getting black eyes whilst wearing it.
V. Breen
V. Breen Reply to on 14 September 2017
Bra fitted ok. I didn't feel as though I was bouncing but I must have had enough movement for the bra to rub. It has been ok on a short run but I did a half marathon and by the time I finished I had sores across my chest where the v shaped stitching, in the front centre of the bra, had rubbed. I also had sores from the shoulder straps. Ironically the bra was comfortable to wear.
Lexi Gauci
Lexi Gauci Reply to on 2 June 2017
Cup size perfect but around the back is small I'm a perfect 36G but I wish I got a 38 there isn't any elasticity in the fabric at all, which is amazing for support, it feels lovely once on.
Willowtree Reply to on 19 July 2017
brilliant fit and easy to hook up at the back. keeps everything in place when I'm at the gym and playing sports.
Straps are perfectly placed and do not restrict movement or budge at all when I play racket sports.
KaizenLife Reply to on 21 August 2017
Very comfortable. Going to hike the Camino De Santiago and I needed something that would hold everything in place week after week. This seems really good on practice walks at home and is pretty breatheable.
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