Hitspoker Customer reviews Philips LED Classic WarmGlow Dimmable Spot Light, Glass, Silver, GU10, 5 W, Pack of 6:Hitspoker
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Customer reviews Philips LED Classic WarmGlow Dimmable Spot Light, Glass, Silver, GU10, 5 W, Pack of 6:Hitspoker

Philips Published in October 17, 2018, 5:57 am
Customer reviews Philips LED Classic WarmGlow Dimmable Spot Light, Glass, Silver, GU10, 5 W, Pack of 6:Hitspoker

Customer reviews Philips LED Classic WarmGlow Dimmable Spot Light, Glass, Silver, GU10, 5 W, Pack of 6:Hitspoker

Price:£19.99+ Free shipping with Cilikanpian Prime

C. Russell
C. Russell Reply to on 26 March 2018
These Philips WarmGlow GU10s are excellent light bulbs. I’ve spent many years buying different LED bulbs with a huge variation in success. I’m fussy about the light quality that these bulbs produce, and have an aversion to poor quality lighting (colour temperature and CRI). I’ve used various Philips GU10 LEDs in multiple properties for a number of years, and apart from an early generation of 4W MasterLEDs (which all failed within 2 years), the reliability of the later generation bulbs has been excellent (as high as 98% ok after 2 years). I tried these WarmGlow variants in our hallway – a run of 10 bulbs on a dimmer, and am impressed to say the least. On maximum, they are bright, but not harsh (a true warm white, with no hint of the cold/ghost lighting that some earlier LEDs produced), and I’d say they are perfect for an inviting, homely feeling. When dimmed, then it gets really good – as the bulb is dimmed, the colour temperature decreases, giving a much warmer, softer glow – perfect for evenings. We generally leave the bulbs at around 80%, even in the daytime. I’m really pleased with these (you can probably tell), and at £19.99 for 6, will certainly be using more in the future. I don’t work for Philips, and paid for my bulbs in full.
MisterMR Reply to on 12 February 2018
Bought these to replace the 50w halogens in the bathroom which also has a PIR on the switching circuit. As for their performance, they're comparable with halogens in terms of lux levels and colour temperature. Unfortunately, these seem to be quite sensitive to either the PIR or some conductive leaking going on with the wiring as these continued to glow gently when switched off. I've since swapped them with [another manufacturer's] 8w LED's from another room in the house (solved the issue in the bathroom) so now these Philips LEDs are on a circuit which has a dimmer switch. Have to say, they have the best dimming range of any of the LED dimmable GU10 bulbs I've ever used. They sweep through the dimming range relatively smoothly (the dimmer is a Varilight configurable dimmer) and they can dim to a very low glow.
Lightbulb Moment
Lightbulb Moment Reply to on 9 June 2018
I spent a long time researching LED lightbulbs because it seems to be a bit of a minefield... I was looking for bulbs to replace some bright, halogen spotlights in my flat, which has higher than average ceilings. I’ve found that having installed these bulbs, they give off a rather dim, warm glow, probably in line with a traditional 40W incandescent bulb, whereas I was hoping for something closer to a 60W+ brightness as the main source of light for the room.

Pay attention to the lumens value of these bulbs (350lm), which is significantly lower than the cheap 427lm bulbs from Sainsbury’s that I was replacing. I’ve since re-ordered some bulbs with a less yellow colour temperature (3000k rather than 2700k) and a higher lumens rating (500lm), which I’m hoping will give me the bright light I’m hoping for.
Knoxieman Reply to on 20 January 2018
Fitted 5 of these lights in my living room they are warm and very bright they look superb I am very happy with the purchase they also work very well through my dimmer switch be careful as some lights do not work correctly through a dimmer switch but these ones work and they work very well highly recommended
Jim Reply to on 15 June 2018
I never thought I'd ever write a review about Bulbs... but these bulbs particularly got me to love them as I wasn't particularly looking for anything particular. I've always been Bulb = Light until I got those. The warmth and the quality of the light throughout the spectrum of intensity is just perfect.
After the first purchase, I've decided to change to those for my entire home and got rid of the old ones (white light) for these...
Vauxhall Hoosier
Vauxhall Hoosier Reply to on 9 August 2018
For me, these are the new gold standard in dimmable LED bulbs. The colour really does become warmer as they dim, simulating what we expect of dimmed lighter from incandescent bulbs. Dimmed right down to nothing on my standard switch (as opposed to some bulbs which have flickered or shut off before becoming very dim).
David Scott
David Scott Reply to on 30 December 2017
Magnifying Glass with 3 LED Lights BearMoo 3X 45X Handheld Illuminated Magnifier Super High Clarity Lightweight - White and Black:
High quality LED bulbs with a long life, albeit a bit expensive.
Highly recommended!
JOHNT Reply to on 2 June 2018
Bought to replace Screwfix LAP dimmable end of catalog GU10 LEDs that didn't have the range of diming required for a home cinema. These have a great range, can be dimmed to a background glow ideal of cinema.
jonathan James
jonathan James Reply to on 29 August 2018
Been looking for dimmable lamps that don’t cost silly money. These are great, same colour as usual halogens, they are dimmable although when I changed all 12 they did stutter at low level, probably because the load on the dimmer was too small, I put 2 normal
Halogens back in and everything works fine and you can’t really tell the difference
Custard tart
Custard tart Reply to on 5 May 2018
Great bulbs, just what I wanted. Took me several attempts to get right bulbs. A learning process for me, led v halogen and dimmable v non-dimmable.
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