Hitspoker My Ashtray Red and White Pocket Ashtray:Hitspoker
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My Ashtray Red and White Pocket Ashtray:Hitspoker

MyAshtray Published in October 20, 2018, 12:37 pm
 My Ashtray Red and White Pocket Ashtray:Hitspoker

My Ashtray Red and White Pocket Ashtray:Hitspoker

Price:£3.41+ Free shipping

Heiða Reply to on 6 October 2016
Finally I don't have to carry stubs around until I find a litter box, and sometimes I admit, that I've thrown them on the ground. With this cheap pocket ashtray my conscience is clear. It's light, small and can store up to 5 stubs. Just remember to put them straight down while lit and close the pocket. Don't squeese it and it will burn out within seconds. I'm going to purchase more of those to have in every handbag, jacket and coat. Also I'm going to make my husband carry one as well.
Sharon Reply to on 23 December 2014
Was a bit mmmm about this but thought for the price if doesn't work then i haven't wasted loads of money well this little thing is excellent. Like a lot of the reviewers have said you just put the cigarette end (still lit) in the purse clip it close and it does the job so no more dropping it on the floor or worrying if you had put it out before putting in the bin and setting that alite.. Will be getting more in different colours pretty soon... Great invention..
BeeMavis Reply to on 31 March 2018
This little cigarette pocket ashtray is very good and useful. It takes around 5-6 cigarette ends. It doesn't smell bad and keep the bad odour inside.
JCR Reply to on 8 July 2013
I bought this for my partner and she though I was beeing a tad geeky, until she started to use it - and she loves it!

Does exactly what it says on the tin, so to speak... You literally put in your (still lit) butt, close it and stash the ashtray on a pocket or bag. When you come across a bit, simply empty the now quenched but and move on. Holds upto 5 buts, no heat or smells, only convieniance :-)
carolyn Reply to on 9 August 2018
Perfect for what I needed, my plastic one I had, had for years broke, I couldn’t believe anywhere in my town did not do anything for cigarette butts, saw these and gave it a try and they do the job
R. E. Southworth
R. E. Southworth Reply to on 29 June 2018
Actually works! Great! :)
RedRose Reply to on 4 April 2012
Very cute, handy pouch. You just pop the cigarette inside and it keeps it safely and odour free. A must for me as I don't drop my butts on the pavement; I used to squash them up in tissue which made my bag or pocket stink. This is the perfect solution. I highly recommend it.
satisfied customer
satisfied customer Reply to on 15 October 2012
These portable ashtraysare one of the best ideas I have seen for a long time. they stop pub doorways, footpaths etc. being littered with cigarette.
I just do not understand why they are not sold alongside cigarettes.
I dont smoke but my wife wont go out without her ashtray.
Maggs Reply to on 5 July 2016
order this item and they were delivered next day. very quick delivery. these are handy when out. thank you.
Christine Bennett
Christine Bennett Reply to on 18 June 2016
Great somewer to put your cigi ends on the go great value for money and quick delivery x
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