Hitspoker Customer reviews MVPOWER 10PCS Shoe Box DIY Visible Cardboard Shoe Storage Boxes for Ladies,Men:Hitspoker
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Customer reviews MVPOWER 10PCS Shoe Box DIY Visible Cardboard Shoe Storage Boxes for Ladies,Men:Hitspoker

MVPOWER Published in October 18, 2018, 12:30 am
Customer reviews MVPOWER 10PCS Shoe Box DIY Visible Cardboard Shoe Storage Boxes for Ladies,Men:Hitspoker

Customer reviews MVPOWER 10PCS Shoe Box DIY Visible Cardboard Shoe Storage Boxes for Ladies,Men:Hitspoker

Price:£20.99+ Free shipping

Mr Jaass
Mr Jaass Reply to on 11 August 2017
The time had come to finally tidy things up in the shoe cupboard and replace the battered shoes boxes with something suitable that would keep my collection of footwear neat and tidy as well as keep the footwear protected.

Its often hard to workout if a product is going to be suitable when buying of the interent and thankfully this time round my choice of product has worked out just fine. The boxes come flat packed with both parts of the box, sleeve and drawer, taking no more than a minute each to put together. The thickness of the cardboard is good, unlike the typical boxes supplied with some brands of footwear, so the boxes should hold up well to being stacked on top of each other whilst still enable easy access to each drawer.

I like the plastic covered window that allows viewing of a small section of the shoes inside. Just looking at the exposed heel caps through the window tells me what is inside well enough for me to decide what I am going to wear without the need to open up each box to look inside which is often the case with some plain shoe boxes that I have come across.

I am generally a size 11 shoe and all of my trainers and most of my shoes fit in to the boxes apart from any shoes that are just over the average size due to extra sole etc on the toe area. To give an idea of the internal sizes and to help others I measured the insides and they are approx 31.5cm length x 22cm width x 16cm deep which is ample for most footwear.

The uniformed look of the boxes also pleases my need for coordinated look in the cupboard. As I have been impressed with the boxes so far I aim to add to the collection in due course by buying some more to rehome some of the remaining end of life boxes I have.
Ms- LG
Ms- LG Reply to on 5 January 2018
10 pieces of cardboard boxes advertised to store shoes tidily. The boxes come flat pack and are very easy to make, in total 10 of them. I have decided to use mine within my wardrobe to arrange socks, tights etc and it's brilliant. I can easily find what I'm looking for on a morning rather then chucking it all on the floor to match the a pair! No more mess, definately worth it for any type of tidy separation compartments. Contrary to what people have said I found the boxes quite roomy.
tn1179 Reply to on 14 January 2018
I was looking for something to store my summer shoes in and these boxes looked ideal. You get 10 in the set. They arrived flat packed complete with instructions. These were very easy to put together and even my 6 year old managed to assemble them without any instructions. The drawers slide out smoothly. I keep them at the bottom of my wardrobe to store shoes, wallets, scarfs etc. I'm planning to make some labels for them when I get round to it. I find them more convenient then the plastic shoe boxes you can buy as you can access the shoes more easily. The only downside is that they are not as easy to clean as their plastic counterparts. They seem very versatile and I would imagine they'd make a great storage for arts and crafts materials too. Very happy with my find!
Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones Reply to on 30 January 2018
Very useful indeed for organising a whole load of art supplies in my studio. The little window area is big enough to write anything you want, and the simple notch for pulling is better than an awkward handle sticking out. I like the simple cardboard look of these, and the fact that I could paint them bright colours if I don't sort out something more permanent. They're also totally recyclable, so when they wear out, I'll be able to dispose of them in an environmentally responsible way.

Each box was easy to put together, following the very clear instructions. No glue or scissors or tape required! They each hold quite a lot of stuff. These are best for quite light items unless the box is weighed down by other stuff, otherwise the friction of pulling out the drawer can lead to the box itself getting dislodged.
Kindle Customer
Kindle Customer Reply to on 19 March 2018
I love these drawers which I have use to re-organise a seriously out of control craft stash.
The drawers can be inserted with window facing outward (as shown by seller) or reversed which will give you a dropped front for even easier access.

Easy to assemble. Robust. Stackable.
My assembly tip: Anchor the clear insert with a small piece of sticky tape to prevent it slipping out of place whilst folding/assembling the drawers.

I have now purchased four packs of these drawers and will buy more.

Labelled using this product also from Amazon
OMG123 Reply to on 13 March 2018
The boxes arrive on time and in good condition. A little tricky to put together at first but then you can fly through them once you have the hang of it. They suit the purpose I ordered them for. I can fit two pairs of a child's shoe in one and a size of men's size 10 in a box alone as well. Not suitable for boots.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 27 April 2018
Arrived safetly packed. Easy to assemble. Did smell as if had been kept in damp warehouse. As not being used for meds/clothes/beauty products I still used. The smell may have dried out or I'm used to it now. Am considering buying more.
pasky Reply to on 31 March 2018
These boxes are absolutely fantastic and I wish I had bought them years ago!!! The drawer system works beautifully. I thought it would take me ages to assemble them but I just followed the instructions and it only took me 10 minutes to do the lot!! Instead of having shoes all over the hallway due to lack of storage space, I now have them in these brilliant tidy boxes. Just fantastic
Dottycatz Reply to on 1 July 2018
I have just ordered more!.....I used them to organise my craft stuff and great for general bits and pieces.....the next lot I might actually try putting some shoes in them !...wish I had discovered these ages ago. Using my label maker to put labels on the clear panel which I can remove and relabel as needed
angela handley
angela handley Reply to on 1 May 2018
bought 2 lots of 10 of these boxes - great product - well made and sturdy - makes hubby's shoes very tidy now - strong design and not at all flimsy - no sagging when stacked - about to order more - could find a million uses for these - see through window very useful
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