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Lynda La Plante
Lynda La Plante Published in September 24, 2018, 8:07 pm



meryltomblin Reply to on 23 June 2017
A gritty story line. A harrowing account of the lives of twins separated while young. Both suffering the horrors of Germany's death camps in World War 11. In the intervening years the twins lead very different lives Towards the end of the book the twins finally meet. Throughout the book there are flashbacks to their past, which for both girls help shape their future lives, but for one of the twins the finale ends in disaster.
Lynda La Plante in this book does not disappoint.
Shrimplet Reply to on 2 December 2014
I almost stopped reading this because initially I thought it was rubbish! It's different from her usual books. I'm glad I persevered because this has to be one of the most shocking books I've read. What makes it so appalling is that these events happened. It's not some thought up fictional horror story. The characters in the book are, but not the horrors that happened in the concentration camps. I didn't like the twins initially, but honestly, can anyone be normal after being subjected to such horrific abuse? I was left feeling that one twin had a considerable advantage to the other right from the get go to the very end. I admit I feel quite antagonistic towards Rebecca. Ruda is the hero.
Kaydee Reply to on 26 December 2017
The plot was good tho very convoluted but the story itself was dragged out over so, so many pages that it regularly lost momentum. I skimmed the last 30% to see what happened. Shame the editor didn't cut massive chunks from it.
LizA Reply to on 29 June 2014
I couldn't say I enjoyed this as it was far too disturbing but it certainly was compelling ! The story revolved around twins who, as children, had been in Birkenau death camp under the auspices of the infamous Joseph Mengeles. When they are released, they are separated and lead very different lives, one marrying a wealthy aristocrat and the other becoming a lion tamer ! However, the unspeakable torture they underwent at the hands of Mengeles have scarred them both inside and out. There are some graphic descriptions of the experiments he carried out which certainly make one flinch ! Because they are identical twins, there is this unbreakable bond between them which leads them to eventually find each other but there are lots of murders and mayhem on the way ! It is written in Lynda La Plante's inimitable fast and pacy style, the characters are vividly depicted and providing you are prepared to be shocked at times, it makes for a very good read.
Anthea Ramsay
Anthea Ramsay Reply to on 4 February 2015
I love Lynda La Plante's books and read them all, but I did find this one rather far-fetched. As the other reviewers have already mentioned, it is the story of twins who were separated after being a in concentration camp during World War Two and the story of their loves after this tragic event. I do fine her sexual descriptions become more explicit with each book and everyone, whether lovers or not always 'kiss on the lips'! Nevertheless, I did enjoy the book and couldn't put it down. Not one of her best, but worth a read.
yvonne Reply to on 20 June 2016
Lots of good characters and Storyline of historical atrocities in a concentration camp and how that affected those that survived for ever. With that we have the fascinating connection physically and mentally between twins even when parted early in life. A great read building to a a very dramatic conclusion. The only downside was it jumped quickly.from one set of characters to another - this was perhaps to reflect the title Entwined but just felt a bit confusing.
Kindle Customer
Kindle Customer Reply to on 12 January 2018
This was an interesting read. I have not read any other books about the atrocities of the holocaust as I knew they would be distressing. However when this book went down that road I considered abandoning it but it was so compelling that I kept going and I'm glad I did. A real page turner.
J. Murray
J. Murray Reply to on 8 April 2007
A fanatstic book that you cant put down, a great combination of disturbing facts combined with great fiction. A story telling the lives of twins seperated at the end of world war 2 when they were released from a nazi concentration camp. There are some complex characters and different sub plots that all come together in the end, as well as intriguing mystery and interesting twists i.e the detectives senile father (I won't tell you why so as not to spoil it) The book also gives a great insight into the nazi regime and also the effects on Berlin of knocking down of the wall - an education!
polly Reply to on 15 August 2017
I don't want to say anything I just want to get back to kindle library page but this is stuck
Will's Mum
Will's Mum Reply to on 3 May 2014
Very different to her other books. Perhaps the story is a little far-fetched but still a good story. I could not put this down. It is not an easy read but she sensitively explores the atrocities of war. Very sad - made sadder by the fact that most of it is probably true. She is such a talented writer. I thoroughly recommend this book - but not for a happy holiday read.
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