Hitspoker Icon i-DJ mini USB MIDI-/DJ- controller with touch sensitive scratch wheels, black:Hitspoker
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Icon i-DJ mini USB MIDI-/DJ- controller with touch sensitive scratch wheels, black:Hitspoker

Icon Published in October 20, 2018, 12:44 pm
 Icon i-DJ mini USB MIDI-/DJ- controller with touch sensitive scratch wheels, black:Hitspoker

Icon i-DJ mini USB MIDI-/DJ- controller with touch sensitive scratch wheels, black:Hitspoker

Price:£33.17+ £4.52 shipping

Zeratul Reply to on 20 January 2016
Although the hardware itself is nice and I'm sure it works like a charm with Traktor,
If your weapon of choice is Virtual DJ do find another controller because this one is a pain to setup and I cannot find config files for it.


I have created (with much pain) a config file for it. It's not complete by any means but it should give you a headstart to configure this product for virtual DJ 8

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<mapper device="SIMPLE_MIDI_7427_39" version="801" date="2016-01-24">
<map value="0-BUTTON70" action="deck 1 play_pause" >
<map value="0-SLIDER12" action="deck 1 level" >
<map value="0-SLIDER13" action="deck 2 level" >
<map value="8-SLIDER8" action="crossfader" >
<map value="0-JOG16" action="param_multiply -0.1 & deck 1 scratch_wheel 10%'" >
<map value="0-SLIDER85" action="deck 1 filter" >
<map value="0-SLIDER20" action="deck 1 eq_high" >
<map value="0-SLIDER21" action="deck 1 eq_mid" >
<map value="0-SLIDER23" action="deck 1 eq_low" >
<map value="0-BUTTON55" action="deck 2 play_pause" >
<map value="0-BUTTON101" action="deck 1 sync" >
<map value="0-BUTTON103" action="deck 2 sync" >
<map value="0-JOG17" action="param_multiply -0.1 & deck 2 scratch_wheel 10%'" >
<map value="0-SLIDER24" action="deck 2 eq_low" >
<map value="0-SLIDER25" action="deck 2 eq_mid" >
<map value="0-SLIDER27" action="deck 2 eq_high" >
<map value="0-SLIDER29" action="deck 2 gain" >
<map value="0-BUTTON85" action="sampler_pad 1" >
<map value="0-BUTTON83" action="deck 2 effect_active" >
<map value="0-BUTTON78" action="deck 1 effect_active" >
<map value="0-BUTTON88" action="sampler_pad 2" >
<map value="0-BUTTON91" action="sampler_pad 3" >
<map value="0-BUTTON76" action="sampler_pad 4" >
<map value="0-BUTTON52" action="deck 1 loop_in" >
<map value="0-SLIDER28" action="deck 1 gain" >
<map value="0-JOG18" action="vinyl_mode=1 & param_multiply -0.1 & deck 1 jogwheel 10%'" >
<map value="0-SLIDER87" action="deck 2 filter" >
<map value="0-BUTTON56" action="deck 2 loop_out" >
<map value="0-BUTTON54" action="deck 2 loop_in" >
<map value="0-BUTTON50" action="loop_out" >
<map value="0-BUTTON66" action="deck 1 loop_half" >
<map value="0-BUTTON102" action="deck 1 loop_half" >
<map value="0-BUTTON104" action="deck 2 loop_half" >
<map value="0-BUTTON67" action="deck 2 loop_double" >
<map value="0-JOG19" action="param_multiply -0.1 & deck 2 jogwheel 10%'" >
<map value="0-BUTTON71" action="deck 2 cue_button" >
<map value="0-BUTTON51" action="deck 1 cue_button" >
Paul Reply to on 6 September 2016
Has everything I wanted (jog-wheel, 3x EQ+Gain, loop) plus more with the addtional 8 remaps of the controls.

Fairly robust metal casing, small unit so the knobs are close together. The pads are more like buttons not touch sensitive. The job wheel doubles up as a vinyl emulator and walking-tweaking.

For the price: excellent piece of kit.
Mariusz Reply to on 3 February 2018
I know this is a very cheap device, but the build quality is just atrocious even given the price. Mine came with missing screw on one of the scratch plates and the base was wry, so it wouldn't stand correctly on an even surface (it wasn't any of the rubber foot thingy fault - they were okay, it was just badly made). So instant return and replace. The replacement unit is ok, although one platter is a bit wobbly but it works and I wouldn't want to risk replacing it again and getting something even worse.

Beside build quality - works fine in Traktor, it's a fun little device.
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