Hitspoker Digiflex 7 LED Pyramid Colour Changing Digital Alarm Clock:Hitspoker
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Digiflex 7 LED Pyramid Colour Changing Digital Alarm Clock:Hitspoker

Digiflex Published in September 24, 2018, 7:09 pm
 Digiflex 7 LED Pyramid Colour Changing Digital Alarm Clock:Hitspoker

Digiflex 7 LED Pyramid Colour Changing Digital Alarm Clock:Hitspoker

Price:£7.99+ Free shipping with Tytoftetsi Prime

Mrs B
Mrs B Reply to on 31 December 2012
i would recommend this product as my daughter loves it not only is it a clock but she also uses it as a night light
Mrs W L Dilks
Mrs W L Dilks Reply to on 20 February 2018
Bought two of these for my grandsons. Didn't even bother to give them as they are rubbish. Very cheaply made and the colours are nothing like shown here. Will give them to the charity shop which will at least make me feel better for buying them in the first place.
Jo B
Jo B Reply to on 13 February 2013
I gave this clock a 3 stars because it came with instructions so small that I am waiting to catch a borrower with specticals to read them to me so although it works perfectly well, I really don't want to be awoken by jingle bells every morning. It's very pretty and has lots more features than I though so extremely good value for money it looks very nice, so as soon as the little people fall into the net and read me the instructions on how to change the melody of the alarm I will be happy to award the other 2 stars
Pat Reply to on 26 November 2017
I love this clock, the colours change as advertised, it is small enough to tuck into the side of a suitcas when travelling. A really good buy. Arrived very quickly
Julie Reply to on 14 March 2016
Got this for my daughter for chrimbo. She had used it ever since even takes it with her when she sleeps out!
R. K. MccArthy
R. K. MccArthy Reply to on 9 February 2018
Pretty disappointed. The inside was flipped out to begin with so had to be pushed back in. It keeps doing it. The colours change and the time is fine. Just tiny and breaks easily.
dave Reply to on 11 May 2017
Cost £5.99 +postage does what it says ,only thing to remember it is small.
Helena Reply to on 13 February 2018
A bit fiddly to use but the children love being able to see the temperature and time in various colours
Henry's granny
Henry's granny Reply to on 8 January 2014
It is difficult to set up
Instructions are translated into English very poorly
The alarm button is underneath the clock, very small and fiddly if you are waking up in the morning it will be difficult to find and switch off
It was meant as a stocking filler. It ended up in the bin

Couldn't get all the functions to work
MRS AMA BOACHIE-MENSAH Reply to on 13 September 2017
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