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Renault Keyring:Hitspoker

Auto Accessories
Auto Accessories Published in October 20, 2018, 12:51 pm
 Renault Keyring:Hitspoker

Renault Keyring:Hitspoker

Price:£3.65+ Free shipping

Gary S
Gary S Reply to on 2 August 2018
Good quality
Jon G
Jon G Reply to on 1 March 2015
High quality product, I was very surprised with this product, considering the price. This product would be excellent gift for someone who has a Renault. Very impressed.
Christopher Reply to on 11 February 2015
I have renualt cars most of my adult life i have six different makes and models so a keyring is a nice addition to my list of renualt extras good price and value
Dan Hopkins
Dan Hopkins Reply to on 26 December 2012
It is a metal Renault keyring, perfect in size, not too big not too small, looks great, feels solid, not too heavy. Highly recommended unless you don't have a Renault then this isn't really the key ring for you.
Louis Reply to on 21 March 2014
The product is what I was expecting. It does the job and is a nice addition to my car keys but it's not a fantastic product. It is heavier than I imagined which suggests its made of good stuff but unfortunately there are glue stains where the two pieces of metal join. This means if you look closely it doesn't look great. But it's still a good product
Gadgetman Reply to on 4 December 2013
This was to replace the original fob that was lost and it is the same, quite heavy and delivered by Royal Mail
Luckily not by yodel couriers.
Emily Reply to on 2 April 2014
Love this little keyring. Solid little thing and didn't cost me much. Just wanted to show my love for my little Renault Clio, my first car, and the keyring will be kept to remind me of my little Clio!
C. W. Johnson
C. W. Johnson Reply to on 12 November 2012
We wanted a quality Keyring for our new Renault car. Then we saw this Renault Logo Keyring. This item arrived super quick in 2 days, and was much better quality than we had expected. It is quite heavy, looks very well made, and we are delighted with it. This is just the finishing touch you should have for your car.
Wendy Reply to on 19 April 2013
A lovely keyring and very solid. Son loved it for his renault clio. A lot of weight to this keyring.
GeneticallyModified Reply to on 10 November 2013
It is very well made: nice strong ring, glossy heavy Renault logo. Chain looks like it isn't going to give up soon. Very fast delivery
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