Hitspoker CharmLeaks Womens Light Support Padded Sports Bra Wirefree Cross Back Workout Active Gym Yoga Top Strappy Sportswear XL:Hitspoker
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CharmLeaks Womens Light Support Padded Sports Bra Wirefree Cross Back Workout Active Gym Yoga Top Strappy Sportswear XL:Hitspoker

CharmLeaks Published in October 20, 2018, 12:36 pm
 CharmLeaks Womens Light Support Padded Sports Bra Wirefree Cross Back Workout Active Gym Yoga Top Strappy Sportswear XL:Hitspoker

CharmLeaks Womens Light Support Padded Sports Bra Wirefree Cross Back Workout Active Gym Yoga Top Strappy Sportswear XL:Hitspoker

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L. Carr
L. Carr Reply to on 16 February 2018
If I could give zero stars or minus 5 then thats what this product deserves in my opinion.
First off the shoulder straps look quite long in the pictures but in fact they were literally no more than 2 inches long from the top of the cup. So even if the cup size fitted which was a XXL (so should have allowed for a slightly larger frame) you would think that they would give a bit of length on the shoulder strap..I would think most normal people have at least 5 or maybe 6 inches from the top of the boob to the top of the shoulder, unless you are very very petite with no shoulders. On top of that there is no way to even make any adjustments or lengthen the straps at all. I am an average size person 5 ft 5" tall. You can see from the photos that there is totally not enough strap. If it does fit somebody out there then its hardly a support bra as the straps are very thin at the back. To add insult to injury , although this only cost 11.99 they want me to pay 3.99 to return it and will deduct it from the refund... so I would only get £8.00 back and I have to go and find a post office or or drop off locker ... for 8 quid im just putting it in the bin!!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 2 February 2017
The cups are padded a little oddly. As I am a 36G, this fits ok. When you put it on you do need to push the criss-cross section down in order to get a bit of length in the back. It's ok - have yet to try yoga in it.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 18 May 2017
Only gave this product 3 starts because iv'e only tried it on have used it in the gym yet but from trying it on the back seems big and the cup feels small but not very small it fits ok and is a bit tight around the top of the neck but i may just need to get used to wearing a sports bra, this bra feels as though it is made of a good quality material and there is some padding which i personal like as it make me feel more comfortable, i would recommend this product but only on my bases of trying it on the quality of the use i do not know yet.
jmatthes Reply to on 7 July 2017
love it! the chart says i should be an xl but i got large and its perfect. im uk size 20 so the shoulder are a tiny bit short so the girls are really up on show but at the same time they're really secure so not mad about that!
its got a solid band so it doesnt ride up which is usually a big problem, and the little cross straps dont give the usual bra strap bulges.

all round brilliant sports bra, particularly for bigger girls, and looks amazing!
Sosolisomi Reply to on 30 October 2017
I had high expectations for this sports bra but sadly other than arriving as scheduled I didn't feel comfortable that the bra will stay on whilst I worked out vigorously. So I snapped on the bra buckle as you would do any bra with buckles (braces, whatever you call the hook and eye on the bra.. Lol). I turned it around and then proceeded to get my right arm in, and snap went off the bra strap. So had to turn the bra around again to latch the strap back on, I also loosen the bra strap. Then I tried again
This time it did not snap off but now the strap was too loose and not providing the needed support. Cos the adjuster is at the back I could not tighten the bra without taking off the strap and turning it around again to adjust. I tightened my strap again, turned the bra around and attempted to put my arm in the strap gap, but here we go again with the flying strap.

At this point I gave up and processed my return instantly. Don't wanted a bra that requires a team of 2 or more and not have to worry about my strap unraveling as I work out at the gym.

If not for the strap issue it actually fitted around my bust and cupped mi boobs comfortably. But I need straps that won't fly off as I am working out. Don't need a strapless bra for my sessions.
Kindle Customer
Kindle Customer Reply to on 7 February 2018
I bought this bra top to wear in the garden in summer. However I have not wanted to take it off! Its THE most comfortable bra I have ever worn (and I hate bra's). There is a little too much padding for my liking but it has the effect of an underwired bra so I can handle that. I will pay 3 times what this bra cost to get a moderately comfy everyday bra, so this price is amazing - just like this bra. I will definitely order more, well done CharmLeaks!!!
Nikocza b
Nikocza b Reply to on 25 March 2018
It looks lovely and great material. I liked to exercise in it at home.The only problem is that I am quiet skinny and the smallest size still bit big. If the stripes would be adjustable I would be very happy too. Would be good to make one in size 32 B/C.
Linda Darby
Linda Darby Reply to on 16 February 2017
I love this bra, however, it does say there is a fastener - which there isn't - I was happy with that so it didn't affect my rating but some people may need the back fastener. The reason I didn't give this product 5 stars is the thickness of the pads, they are a bit too heavy for my personal choice.
Love the colours and the back straps.
Mrs. Roma U. F. Cox
Mrs. Roma U. F. Cox Reply to on 20 June 2018
A lovely looking bra, but for me the fit was wrong. It was too broad in the band but too small in the cup and did not cover enough to the side. I am a 32E/F. We kept a smaller size for my daughter as she really liked the cut, but had it altered so that the band was much smaller.
Catherine Reply to on 4 December 2016
I bought an XL, I usually wear a 34/36E but it fits well, maybe a tiny bit too small on the cups and a tad large on the back for me but I can still wear it comfortably. I am in love with the strappy design, I only wish I had more tops to show it off. I bought this in black/white and it is very nice but the front looked a bit faded on arrival. I would definitely say it is low support bra as running would not be possible in this with my larger chest.
Overall I'm happy with my order :)
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