Hitspoker 4M Diving Submarine:Hitspoker
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4M Diving Submarine:Hitspoker

4M Published in October 20, 2018, 1:18 pm
 4M Diving Submarine:Hitspoker

4M Diving Submarine:Hitspoker

Price:£3.99+ Free shipping (Addon item)

beaucastle Reply to on 1 June 2016
After reading some reviews I was afraid this might not work, but it workds really well. My 5 year old loved it and it went up and down for about an hour. Make sure you only use baking powder NOT baking soda - totally different stuff. Baking powder makes bubbles with water but baking soda only makes bubbles with something acidic like vinegar. Also - make sure to fill up the powder compartment in the sub right to the top - pack it down hard if necessary and this will give it the weight it needs to sink. Make sure you give it a shake under the water to wet the baking powder and then be patient and it will work.
MrQ Reply to on 11 July 2015
Not sure if my childhood cereal box expectations are realistic - but on giving these to my kids in the bath, filling them with baking soda and promising the kids a wondrous sight....only disappointment ensued.

No sinkin and rising - nothing really aside from a few bubbles and two blank faced small people.

Would definitely not recommend.
Paul S
Paul S Reply to on 12 July 2018
Not the best. Followed the instructions to the letter with my son and placed it into the bath tub. Worked now and again but not consistently. For the price though can't grumble and he's happy with it just as a boat.
rachel harrison
rachel harrison Reply to on 18 October 2014
this arrived and to the great excitement of my husband(he had one when he was small) and my 5 year old grandson the baking powder was administered as instructed and we waited and waited and are still in fact waiting for it to rise up and down(once would be a bonus i think it is a sad case of the dont make them like they used to. Dont buy a complete waste of £3.50
b stuart
b stuart Reply to on 10 July 2015
Mates grand child loves this, reminds me of one I got decades ago from kellogs
MR D W BERRINGTON Reply to on 1 April 2015
Great product
RachelB Reply to on 11 October 2014
My class of 5 & 6 year olds loved observing this & discussing how it worked.
diane Reply to on 8 February 2016
I remember this type of submarine, once free in cereal packets in the 60's. They worked every time providing hours of fun.
With these fond memories in mind I bought this as a teaching aid for the young children with whom I work.
This submarine does not work, we tried many times, followed all the instructions, used warm then cold water, different bowls and buckets, however it just floated on the top of the water occasionally keeling over. Very disappointing.
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